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Aug 9

Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 3 - Video Part 1

Part one from Saturday’s Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 3 - includes the introduction introducing Save Undershaw and first two presentations of Sherlock Holmes stories..

You can also do your bit by getting a copy of ‘Sherlock’s Home: The Empty House’ whose royalties go to the Undershaw Preservation Trust.  In the USA Barnes and Noble and Amazon, in the UK WaterstonesAmazon and Book Depository (free worldwide delivery) and in all electronic formats - KindleiPadKobo and Nook.

Immortal quote in Great Sherlock Holmes Debate Video 2

"Robert Downey Junior as Sherlock Holmes? I think not"

Roger Johnson, Sherlock Holmes Society of London

[even with a hat, Jude Law towers over RDJ and in the original stories Holmes was over 6 feet tall, thin and aqualine…..].

He’s a great actor, but he can’t “play tall”……. ouch.

Date for The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 3 announced

Following the huge positive reaction to the 2nd debate, the organisers (MX Publishing) have announced the date for The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 3 - Saturday 4th August 2012. Steve from MX explains;

"The next event will enable thousands of fans to get involved - across multiple venues. We have something unique and special planned and will ensure that as many fans as want to can get involved. Geography will not be a barrier".

They have set up a Twitter feed for news @GreatDebate3 and of course the Great Sherlock Holmes Debate Facebook Page.

The debate is raising awareness for Save Undershaw - currently at 7,248 of their 10,000 fans target on Facebook ahead of the judicial review in May looking to save Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s house and was organised by Holmes publishers MX Publishing.

 The Debate supporters includee - Baker Street BabesSherlock Holmes Society of LondonSherlockologyBig Finish, I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere , Always 1895 , No Place Like Holmes, and  mPowa (Venue sponsors - Process credit cards with your smartphone)